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How Blogging Has Changed Since 2008

Nearly ten years ago first blogs were considered as a revolutionary invention in the web industry. But, with the progress of technology, many things have changed. So, let’s see if we still remember the first blogs and how they influenced the creation of the internet.

The design

Back then Blogger was very popular, and you could publish a free post with a couple of clicks. Now, you have to pay for URL, pay a designer to make you a unique design on WordPress, pay even more to have a matching social media account and pay a hots for your blog. This entire procedure involves a lot of money, and no one will guarantee you success.


Considering that social media platforms and browsers have changed their algorithms, people will have a hard time finding you on the web, or they just won’t see your posts, which wasn’t the case on the past.

The number of comments

In the past, we were obsessed with the number of comment with each published post. People were friendlier, and internet bullying was practically non-existent, which we can’t say for 2018. Now people were obsessed with a number of shares. When someone shares your content, it means you are reaching the broader audience. Even though the comments are still relevant, they won’t bring you desired results as sharing.

The influence of social media

In 2008, people often visited blogs and left comments there. But, now we follow Facebook posts and comment below. The social media has replaced blogs, and Facebook has become the second Google where you can find all the relevant information and promote your products.


The situation is simple, now Facebook has enabled people to write longer posts, and practically you don’t need the blog anymore. Of course, unless you have an influential blog that brings you money.

Free products

In the past, bloggers got paid in free products for positive reviews. But, now popular influencers demand cold hard cash. Of course, they have to pay taxes, but they will still end up owning a lot of money which they can spend on random fun things. Popular blogs who have a lot of followers earn a lot of money because people consider them as a trustful source of information. They still get the free products to review, but the sponsorships with various companies increase their finances.

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