Why I write in the Garden and the Qualities of a Creative Space for Writing

creative work spaceWhat is your favorite spot in your home? Is there a specific place in your home or garden that seemed to bring out the creativity in you?

Indeed, we all have a favorite spot in our home. It brings out the best in us. This is just one of the reasons why there should be an allocated space in the home that is dedicated to writing. An individual who makes a living through the words he or she makes should have a space where he or she can draw as much creativity as possible.

Some find it great to be in a landscaped garden while others find more creativity when they go outside and speak to people. However, with all types of writers, it is important that they have a space to work peacefully. These creative spaces should at least be:

Comfortable.?Can you think straight when you are not comfortable? Of course not! You tend to search for ways on how to achieve your comfort instead of thinking about the next set of paragraphs to write. This particular reason is applicable for any profession. No one can work well if they are uncomfortable. It breaks the flow of thought.

Convenient.?You can accomplish more when everything you need is within your reach. When writers write, they may need to delve deeper and may need to read a couple of books. Though this is the age of online information, nothing beats the information from a well-researched and well cited book. As such, it would be great to have everything within reach ? the coffee or coffee maker, the books that provide valuable information or the plants in the window that provide the writer enough respite from long hours of working in the computer.

Clutter-Free. Some writers may find it easier to write despite a cluttered environment. However, most individuals find it easier to think and sort things out in an environment that is clean, fresh and supports creativity. Some find it beneficial to think things through while walking in the park. Others find the garden the best place to write, like I do. I find the garden the best place where I can bring my creativity in harmony. The chirping of the birds relaxes me and the sound of the cascading water from the fountain invigorates me to think.

Collection of Creative Inspiration. Some writers need to go out, talk and observe people accomplish their daily tasks in order to write creative and effective essays and stories. However, when the weather does not permit such luxury, the garden can provide the creativity that one needs. For a writer and storyteller, he can easily derive stories from observing the plants and insects in the garden. One can draw inspiration from these small living things without leaving the comforts of your home office.

Depending on the personality of individuals, writers need a place where they can think and ponder on what to write. This may mean a clutter-free space in the home or the shade under a big orange tree in the garden. Regardless of the place, a creative space is indeed a necessity to create moving and inspiring stories and essays.

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