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On Writing Resistance

I write every day. There are days when I write nonstop but there are days when everything stops and finding those words seem to be futile.
A veteran blogger calls this resistance. The writer further defines it as a “feeling you don’t want to do something even when you know you’ll feel good afterwards.”

I have resisted so many things:

  • Texting
  • Writing articles
  • Making phone calls!
  • Writing blog posts
  • Feed the dog
  • Writing
  • Running

… as you can see, writing turns up a whole lot!

The strange thing is, all these are great things. When I write a blog post, I felt really good once I’d completed a composition.

The very same goes with running,?I may believe ?I would like not to?but?once I get moving, I love it.

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It’s not the creating part that’s hard. What’s hard is sitting down to write. What keeps us from sitting down is Resistance. I like writing but I am not really into editing. If there was a book published from freewriting, I’d have novels already. Unfortunately, there is a step called editing and another step called proof reading. So, I’d rather do free writing.

There are many days however that I am stumped. That as I wake up and think of the task of writing, my mind races to come up with thoughts of why I shouldn’t be writing. But as I force myself to sit down, I wait… and wait.. and wait .. to no avail.
So I do the dishes, clean the bathroom, feed the dog, attempt to sit down but opens my social media account to look for ideas, or just wait.

And wait.

The inspiration might come and I begin typing as the thought s and words flow.
But sometimes, the drive seem unreachable.

Instead, I began reading on Resistance (for writers).

And here’s what I’ve gathered so far. Resistance happens.

Composing daily is excellent, however you do not need to: the moment or twice a week is great.

Act before resistance expands. If you’re feeling reluctant to compose, reach it when you can. The longer you put it off, the tougher it will certainly be. (Caveat: if you’re genuinely worn out or reduced on energy, you may wish to wait– yet at the very least established a certain beginning time for your writing.).

Remind on your own what you like about writing. For me, reading, or doing a ten-minute video watching, commonly makes me forget about the resistance I was feeling.
Open the document and start typing. Taking any action will certainly decrease resistance, and something as easy as this could be good enough to get you composing.

You don’t have to comply with resistance head-on. You don’t have to fight and have a hard time every day … however you don’t need to give up either.

Feeling an occasional or even a regular sense of resistance doesn’t mean you’re not reduce out to be a writer. Actually, it’s rather the reverse: it indicates you’re doing something beneficial.

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If you’re having problem with resistance now, or if you’ve got a tip about resolving it, just let me?know?in the comments.