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Having Problems With Snoring? These Tips Will Help You

Having Problems With Snoring? These Tips Will Help You

We all snore from time to time, it is just that women snore less as they have wider air passages, which enables them to breathe while sleeping without snoring. Still, the causes may be different – from age, to nasal and sinus problems.

If you really can’t do anything about, you can see the best anti snore pillows and make sure that you get these to sleep well. In the meantime, here are a couple of useful tips that you can use to reduce snoring.

Change the position you sleep in

We often snore when we lay on our back, while rarely in all other positions. But if you like to sleep on your back, you can elevate your head a bit to allow easier breathing. At the same time, your neck muscles won’t be that crimped and therefore you won’t snore that much.

Loud Snoring In Bed

Husband Snoring In Bed

Therefore, make sure that you take a bigger pillow or specially designed ones, to elevate your head and therefore prevent any blocked air passages. If you are used to laying flat on your back, this can be a bit of a problem in the beginning.

Clear your nasal passages

Another reason that people snore is because they have stuffy nose or blocked sinuses. These symptoms are not just the problem of snoring, but can lead to the complicated health problems. If you have a stuffy nose, make sure to clean it before you go to bed, as this will reduce the chances for snoring.

At the same time, you can rinse the sinuses using saline, right before you go to bed. There is a nasal decongestant that allows you cleaning your nasal strips, which allows you to breathe more easily.

Make sure that your bedroom has air moist

Man Snoring In Bed

Loud Snoring In Bed

Dry air is the worst thing, especially if you sleep in the room with it. It is bad for your health, it can cause headaches and it is also a common reason for coughing. When the dry air enters your nose and throat, it can start irritating and can lead to snoring. As a result, you will end up with swollen nasal tissues. To improve your air quality and moist in it, you can use a dehumidifier that will solve this problem.

Do not drink alcohol or take sleeping pills

Any kind of drug that “makes you down” does offer good sleep, but it enhances the snoring, which is the cause of relaxed muscles due to the drug effects. Alcohol, sedatives and sleeping pills can be an effective solution for insomnia as we said, but do have in mind that your muscles are relaxed due to the effects of drugs.

This leads to the snoring as your breathing muscles are not tight as they are usually. Therefore, talk to your doctor and make sure that he gives you something that is not so strong, to avoid entering deep sleep level, which can cause snoring.