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The Best Reporting Software You Must Use In 2020

The Best Reporting Software You Must Use In 2020

Every year, there are new reporting tools that come out and offer something that the previously released programs did not have. Your day-to-day obligations and reports must be completed and this is where the best reporting software comes in as this help you to produce high-quality reports and insights into the performance.

From data visualization to ad-hoc report tools (such as TweakDoor) – these are versatile and will give you everything you need to produce a good and professional report.


Datapine offers easy drag and drops technology that allows you to create complex data by asking questions and getting the answers! With the interactive dashboard and intelligent alarms, you will get the notification as soon as the goal you had set is fulfilled.

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Learning How To Use Best Reporting Software

The AI integration in combination with alarm systems allows you to receive a notification as soon as something is about to happen. The wide range of available elements and customization of charts will make you love this tool as you can use more than 75 different templates, with different features and characteristics. You do not even need an expert tech guy to set things up as you can do this easily, thanks to the intuitive system and dashboard.


Whatagraph allows you to connect marketing channels and automate the data gathering so you could have all your metrics ready in a short time! You can create on-demand reports and give access to other users to use the tool, but also to track the campaign you set up.

Get insight into the performance metrics, ROI tracking and website analytics to collect more information and present these in beautifully designed templates. Though there is a free trial version, we highly recommend buying the premium access for $99,99 per month!


Automating reports is the key thing to reducing the time needed for reporting and Answerrocket is exactly what you need! With its proactive and quick analysis and top-notch design that is made for business people, this is one of the tools you must use!

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Working On Reporting Software

It is super secure and scalable and it helps you to solve high-value problems and complex issues. At the same time, it keeps you up to date with all the latest performances and business trends. One of the best reporting tools in 2020 that you must use!


If you need a simple way of generating reports, Octobaord offers you several dashboards and detailed analytics that can show you social media activity, website performance and other metrics that help you to build a report. It comes with 100+ pre-made reports and the ability to connect it to 50+ data sources, which allows you to generate reports quickly and accurately. The pricing starts from $18 to $210per month, but considering the interactive dashboards, visual analytics and a wide range of available gadgets that you can use, the price is not that high. Especially when we consider the accuracy, performance, a high level of integration and customization.