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Popular Blog Topics In 2007

We had come a long way since 2007 when the internet and social networks were still developing. Back then, people were curious about everything and yet knew so little. So, in this article, we are going to explore some hot blog topics in 2007 and let you know what people were facing 11 years ago.

The social networks

One of the first topics that grab the public’s attention were social media networks. The Facebook has just appeared, and people went crazy over it. But, they were facing a lot of challenges, mainly because this was something new, never seen before.


The bloggers used this opportunity to promote their content and write about this platform and its use. You can find tons of posts from that period, featuring Facebook use and its options. This was also the beginning of social media marketing, where many companies wanted to promote their products online. The only difference was, back then Facebook promotion was free, while now you have to pay for it.

A bit latter Twitter appeared, and people got confused with its use, considering it was called a celebrity social networks. But, blogs broke that myth and approached this platform to average people. They explained everything in details and helped us understand the purpose of Twitter.

Blog ideas

Same as a social media platform, blogging started developing rapidly. People were exploring new ways to launch blogs and provide quality content. Considering this was the beginning of blogging, experienced bloggers could earn a lot of money, which is not the case now.


They were researching new ideas to offer their audience and somehow managed to create a compelling background for the years to come. Up until a couple of years ago, blogging was a lucrative business. But, when Google changed its algorithm, everything became more challenging than before.

Social media marketing

With the appearance of social networks, entrepreneurs and influencers saw a chance to promote their products for free. In 2007, every aspect of marketing was much more comfortable than now. Compared to traditional marketing, social media marketing came as huge investment cut down and blog posts were ragging about it.

Blogger wrote about the ways how you could promote your products on social media and save money. Back then, this was a revolutionary breakthrough because it opened a world of immense possibilities. Everyone was on Facebook and companies had access to a broad audience.



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