Exploring Writing Ideas

Ideas seldom pop out of an author’s head fully-formed and prepared to pitch. An idea is the most fundamental type of a suggestion and developing?it into a fully increased, profitable?article suggestion. When you brainstorm, produce as numerous ideas as you can without judging them. Then, experience them individually and start having fun with the subjects, angles, and markets to turn seeds into fully recognized suggestions. But often times, we can come up with ideas that are just so:

Old fashioned:

See if you can find a recently-released publication on the subject, or one that will be appearing around the exact same time you’re aiming your short article for.?Search for stats revealing that what you’re pitching is a fad, or is coming to be a fad.Figure out if there’s some means you can attach your suggestion to something that is taking place currently. Possibly a well known individual just revealed that she has some uncommon disease you intended to discuss.


Consider finding 3 or more similar things and pitching them as a roundup. For example, rather than pitching an article on a local restaurant?in your area, locate four or more?great restaurant that serves the same menu or it could be great restaurants in the city.

Too General:

Choose one part of the broad idea and offer something readers are not familiar with.


Assess the topic. What message do you want your reader to see? What is it about? Explore other possibilities.


Write it in a descriptive manner. Explore other ways of conveying the message. Be more creative by trying to present it in a different writing style.

Almost all advise boils down to editing and re-editing. Write, re-write. As you brainstorm, a lot of ideas can possibly sprout. It’s your choice which avenue to explore.

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