Hello, I’m Perry Evans, an almost-30-something technical writer based in Ohio. Writing is my most natural form of expression, and I definitely write better than I talk. I left a job I hated to carve my living out of blogging and writing online. As a technical writer, I have been able, not just to write, but to truly earn a living from writing.

The internet provides vast opportunities for writers in every niche to create blogs, content, web copy, and even social media posts and to get paid for it. Gone are the days of sitting in musty offices churning out words or pitching to agents and publishing houses. Anyone can earn money writing and publishing online about any topic. You just have to know how to get started.

That’s what this blog is for. I’m here to share my knowledge and experience with you so that you can find your niche and earn real money – enough to support yourself – online. Do you want to make money doing what you love or become location-independent and travel while you work? The benefits of writing online are limitless. You can earn a little extra on the side or make writing online your full-time job. If you have something to say, there is someone out there in the world who wants to hear it.

I’ve learned from research, trial, and error so that you don’t have to. From setting up your first blog to developing important writing habits, I’m sharing the secrets of successful online writing in hopes that you’ll join me on this online adventure. It’s a freelancer’s world.