5 Effective Tips You Must Know When Owning A Blog

Starting an own blog is relatively easy, especially with many tutorials that you can find and follow to launch your virtual service, news website or a simple fashion blog. While setting up comes easy to follow, maintaining it and keeping it require the additional knowledge you must possess. Of course, we don’t mean only of formatting and colors of the content that is posted, but also of in-depth SEO principles and tips you should follow. If you want to get the specific color but don’t know the code for it, you can seek for help maybe at Centre Colours, as they are specialized in pigment dispersion and can provide you information about the specific color. Now, back to the topic!

Respect copyrights and regulations


Copyright must be respected on the Internet as well. Taking someone’s picture and posting it on your website without permission is a serious copyright infringement. In case you get caught, you will have to pay several thousand dollars as a fine, plus your page is potentially going to be penalized and removed from search results. In order to avoid such problems, it is advised to use services like Shutterstock to obtain HQ images for a decent price. There are free to use images if you do not want to pay for them, but have in mind that the quality and versatility is limited.

Onsite SEO is a must!

On-page is SEO highly important for your blog, as it helps you to get more people to your blog through search engines. Yoast SEO is a fantastic plugin for WordPress platform and it allows you to create and submit sitemaps, and to appear on Google results. A part of this strategy is internal linking which is basically a relationship between your content and pages that is understandable to Google crawler and search engines. There is also off-page SEO which is basically everything you do to outside your blog to make things easier for search engine to find you.

Use videos to boost engagement

Creating videos for your blog needs can be a bit challenging but it is definitely worth it. Videos are unique and the most engaging content on the Internet. It is very likely that visitors will spend more time on your blog if you incorporate video material. But do have in mind that you should upload videos to a Youtube channel, not directly on WordPress. Instead, make a channel and connect it with your blog sso you could get additional boost.

Share your older posts on social media


As the posts on your blogs are ordered chronologically, it is natural that visitors will not see earlier posts. But you can use social media to repost these and get additional traffic and visitors. Yes, even experienced and long-time bloggers do this! This will not penalize your blog or do anything harmful, but rather can boost additional traffic to your website. The best way is to use Revive Old Posts plugin if you use WordPress platform.

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